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Extend Image Value by Tagging with Rich Content

Image tagging is a popular new way to make pictures on a website more informative and engaging for users. Now, website owners and designers can bring that engagement to their own images with the iPicture jQuery plugin that allows users...

Unleash the Power of In-Image Commerce with Stipple Shopping

With image-based content becoming one of the staple’s of a good Web marketing strategy these days, publishers and merchants, alike, have been looking for new ways to monetize their pictures. The popular image tagging service...

The Stipple Effect and the Growth of Image Tagging

Image tagging services make it possible for content publishers to monetize their pictures by making them more interactive, and as social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook make it increasingly easier to share images across the...

Turn Your Pics Into Profits

Images are all the rage on the Web these days. This trend was probably inevitable, as it is an easy way for publishers, bloggers and marketers to satiate the desire of the average Internet user with quick bursts of content that can...


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