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Start Collaborating on Infographics is making it easier for colleagues to collaborate on projects, as the DIY infographic builder has launched a new feature called for Teams. With for Teams, multiple users can access the same product benefits...

Content Marketing Made Easy

Visually is helping content marketers create better performing campaigns, thanks to a new feature called Visually Campaigns . Through the feature, Visually automates the process of creating a content strategy. Users simply need to...

Content Marketing Without a Blog

It’s no secret that content marketing has a phenomenal ROI (the statistics only seem to get better with each passing year). In fact, Kapost and Eloqua recently produced an eBook on the ROI of content marketing in which they stated...

Infographics Get a Web-Friendly Upgrade

Piktochart, one of the darlings of the infographic world, has retooled its Web-based app to allow users to create not just interactive, but search-friendly, infographics. In essence, these aren't your predecessors infographics...

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Visualize This

In March 2012, startup launched an automated service that allows virtually anyone to create stunning infographics – no familiarity with Photoshop or any design experience is required. Users simply convey the information...

Content Marketing Your Way

You have a strong, well-defined brand identity that suits your company’s values and serves the image you wish to portray. Your products and services are valuable, well-researched and carefully aimed at a specific audience. You...

Don’t Kill the Infographic – Design Killer Ones Like These

Only about a year ago, infographics were the darlings of the Web – favored by marketers, designers and content consumers alike. Today, however, you will see quite a bit of blogging and commenting from people calling for a virtual...

Increasing Traffic with Infographics

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but even the simplest infographic can be worth ten times that amount of new visitors to your website. Like all Web professionals, affiliate marketers should always be looking for new ways to...

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