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Avoid iPhone App Traps

by Niels Hansen The iPhone’s initial release was predictably successful. And with the recent release of the second generation iPhone, it seems that Apple has hit the jackpot again, and opened up a number of opportunities for...

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WM Morning Wire: 10-15-08

Welcome to October 15th, 2008! Tonight's the last presidential debate so head on over to and see how your political views compare to the candiates. AND, today is also Blog Action Day , so if you've got the inclination...

Android Will Kill the iPhone

T-Mobile and Google announced the Android-loaded, HTC-manufactured G1 phone this morning to an enthusiastic crowd, waiting to be awestruck. At first glance, the G1 looks to be on very even ground with the iPhone. But look a little...

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Google's Android Developer Challenge Winners

Out of 50 teams of finalists, Google judges selected 10 to receive $275,000 each and 10 to receive $100,000 each for developing innovative applications for the much anticipated mobile Android application. The $275,000 grand prize winners...

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Off The Web, Onto the... Phone?

Shopping search engine is taking its local search capabilities to the mobile deck with a mobile shopping application for the Apple iPhone. The application will enables users to leverage TheFind's local shopping search...

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iPhones Come On Strong in Internet Browser Usage

Net Applications Internet Usage Market Share data has shown the iPhone is becoming a major player in browser usage percentage. The iPhone has a 0.14% market share and even the iPod (presumably the iPod Touch which has a wifi connection...

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