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Practical Tips for Generating More Web Conversions

By Peter Prestipino, Editor-In-Chief The ability of a website to turn browsers into buyers is essential for enterprise success today - without it, there is simply no chance of survival. The good news? It is within your power to influence...

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Practical Tips for Generating More Web Conversions - October 2016

:: The ability of a website to turn browsers into buyers is essential for enterprise success today - without it, there is simply no chance of survival. By leveraging best practices and powerful technology, it is within each company's...

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Editor's Letter - October 2016

Web professionals can be easily distracted. The industry uses terms like "experience" and "engagement" far too loosely these days and it has resulted over time in a lack of attention on what's really important...

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Top 50: The 2016 Conversion Toolbox

Ask 100 individuals responsible for conversion optimization what they do and you will receive 100 different answers. What makes the practice of conversion rate optimization (CRO) as a professional specialty so interesting and intriguing...

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Stat Watch: Social Media's Hits and Misses

It is difficult to know what and when to post on social media, which network to send it through and how to analyze its performance. And in their effort to engage through social, brands often overwhelm their audiences. Sprout Social...

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EXPERTS SPEAK: How Will Retailers Win This Holiday Season?

:: By Amberly Dressler, Managing Editor :: There is little doubt that the e-commerce industry will enjoy the success of holidays past and likely set new records for digital (desktop and mobile) sales. Just because the potential is...

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The 5 Scariest Strategies That Email Marketers Are Still Using

:: By EJ McGowan, Campaigner :: As autumn creeps on, so begins the season for ghosts and goblins, but for marketers gearing up for holiday campaigns, poor email strategies can be the scariest thought of all. When technology advances...

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Why Web Conventions Win: 3 Things Every Marketer Needs to Think About

By Martin Greif, EVP at SiteTuners There are some website owners that just don't care about conventions. Take 10 seconds to look at the Warren Buffett-led Berkshire Hathaway site, a website for one of the largest companies in the...

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3 Creative Ways to Hire Seasonal Workers

:: By John Swanciger, Manta :: Fall is underway and that means pumpkins, lattes and...seasonal hires? Fall can be incredibly busy for small shops prepping for the holiday sales period, which means the hunt for seasonal employees is...

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Net Briefs - October 2016

Net Briefs Twitter Shares Video Revenue Twitter is actively pursuing YouTube's most popular video publishers, announcing it will begin sharing video advertising revenues with creators. Twitter is being very generous about terms...

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Quiz Time! Social Media Updates to Know

Despite its obvious appeal to consumers (who research and save everything from apparel to recipes), many industry leaders aren't quite sure what to make of the $11 billion valuation Pinterest received in mid-2015. Skepticism surrounding...

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