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Are Co-Branded Domain Names Causing an Issue for Trust and Security in the Cloud?

:: BY David Quaid, KEMP Technologies :: With the growth of SaaS services, more and more Web applications and technologies are no longer being deployed as plug-ins or COM components that the Internet was built on, but more and more...

Thanksgiving Online 2013: How to Keep Black Friday in the Black

: By Atchison Frazer, KEMP Technologies : Black Friday, a term, believed to have first been used in the 1960s, got its name from the use of black ink for profits and red ink for losses in the retailers’ accounts. Black Friday...

Secrets for Dealing with Downtime

:: By Chris Heyn, KEMP Technologies :: Downtime effectively occurs for two reasons that are either planned or unplanned. Serious downtime can be caused by: • Network failure either LAN or WAN • A server fault resulting in...

Last-Minute Tips to Avoid Holiday Downtime

The holiday season is in full swing, and more than a casual interest should be paid to the looming threat of downtime. Since retailers and other Web workers are in the midst of their biggest trafficked period, it will pay dividends...

Are You Ready for World IPv6 Day?

June 6 marks World IPv6 Day , where many Web companies from around the globe will officially enable Internet Protocol version 6 for their products and services. IPs are the primary communication protocol for relaying datagrams, or...

KEMP Technologies New Load Balancing Act

What do service providers need to stay relevant with their clients? More and better services, of course. KEMP Technologies has released a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) product to further enhance managed service providers' and...


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