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Longer Search Queries are Flat

Long Live the Long Tail! Buried beneath the news that Google once again dominated the world of search with over 71% market share (as reported by Hitwise ) was a very valuable bit of information related to the percentage of U.S. clicks...

Keyword Meta Tags and Google

How much does Google use the keyword meta tag? Not at all according to a post today on the Webmaster Central Blog . Does that comes as a surprise to you? For many it won't but it's always nice to have some verification and...

WordTracker Tool (New & Beta)

WordTracker announced the release of a new beta version of their popular keyword tool, and the company is asking for feedback from its members. New dashboard features allow members to manage keyword projects and provide a quick summary...

Wordtracker Labs: Exploring Keyword Questions

Wordtracker, long known for their keyword suggestion tool, has another interesting tool worth some attention, for SEO benefits, PPC and even suggestions for new content. Keyword Questions will show you what questions users are asking...

Keyword Research Tools

The following are Keyword Research Tools you may want to utilize for you SEO campaign. If you've got a favorite tool, or feel like we've left one off the list, register and submit you comment below and we'll be happy to...

Google Suggest: What it Means to You

Google has announced that their Suggest search tool will come out of Labs and release on the main Google search page. While many consumers may find this to be a helpful hand when searching, what does it mean to your business? As users...

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Determining Keyword Complexity in SEO - Part 2

Yesterday we discussed how the number of results in the search results and the number of queries conducted were good ways to determine how complex it will be to garner high rankings at popular search engines. Today let's look at...

Plural Search Terms Get Better Results

A recent analysis by Hitwise at SES focused on the difference between searches for a singular term (laptop) and plural term (laptops). The results are pretty significant. The analysis was conducted using top product searches sending...

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