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KDP Select Pays Out Big for Top Self-Published Authors

Aspiring self-published authors, it may just be your time to shine. Earlier today, Amazon released a statement saying that its lending library program for self-published authors, KDP Select , is a big moneymaker, at least for the best...

Better Looking Digital Pubs with Amazon KF8 Format

The digital world of ebooks is about to get a lot more attractive. Amazon just announced that several new features, including HTML5 support, will be arriving in Kindle Format 8 (KF8) – the upcoming file format that will replace...

Local Deals are Coming to Kindle

Amazon has announced that local deals will soon be coming to Kindles. Customers of the Kindle and Kindle 3G with Special Offers will start receiving special offers from AmazonLocal on their Kindle’s screensavers. AmazonLocal...

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E-Books Outselling All Print Books on Amazon

Sales of Kindle books on Amazon have overtaken those of both print and hardcover formats combined, according to the online retailer. Amazon began selling hardcover and paperback books in July 1995. Twelve years later in November 2007...

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As eBook Sales Grow, So Do Online Opportunities

We’ve discussed the potentially big business of eBooks here in the past, and it’s happening even faster than expected. Not only have eBook sales tripled in the past year, but the total February sales of digitally formatted...

The Ebook Market is Booming

The burgeoning ebooks industry continues to build momentum, and Amazon’s Kindle remains the driving force. Kindle ebook sales on Amazon recently surpassed those of paperbacks, barely six months after they had eclipsed all hardcover...

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Kindle Gets a Needed Software Upgrade

Amazon announced an early preview of a free software update for its popular Kindle reading device. If you’re publishing content specifically for the reader, the updates will be welcome. Public Notes will let Kindle users choose...

E-books Becoming Big Business

Research firm Yankee Group estimates that the U.S. e-book market will reach $2.7 billion in sales in 2013, up from just $313 million in 2009. That's good for a growth rate of 83 percent, above even paid mobile apps, at 72 percent...

E-readers are Rewriting Retailers’ Bestseller Lists

While many in the traditional publishing industry couldn’t wait to close the books on 2010, the makers of the leading e-book readers were trumpeting their record-setting year-end sales of the devices. Earlier this week, Amazon...

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Content Belongs on the Kindle

Website Magazine has been busy putting the finishing touches on its iPad app ( request advance notification of the official release here ), but don’t think for a moment that we haven’t thought about placing content on other...

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Amazon Offers 70-percent Royalties on Kindle e-Books

Today Amazon is officially rolling out its 70-percent royalty option for authors and publishers who use the Kindle Digital Text Platform (DTP), a potentially more lucrative avenue for self-publishers that the company first announced...

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Amazon Now Offers 70% Royalty on Kindle Content

Amazon announced this week the details of a new program that will enable authors and publishers using the Kindle Digital Text Platform (DTP) to earn a 70% royalty option, less delivery costs. The program will become available on June...

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