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Know How Consumers See Your Emails

The total amount of emails that were sent and received every day across the world in 2013 was 182.9 billion . With such a massive amount of emails sent daily it is important for marketers to know how these emails are being seen in...

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Monitor Mobile Email Activity for Free

Data suggests that more than half of commercial emails will be opened on a mobile phone or tablet by the end of this year. Most marketers, however, don't have access to campaign activity about their users' devices - enter Knotice...

3 Must-See Menu Design Styles

Ever walk in a mall and not know whether to look left, right, up or down for the store, theater or restaurant you want? There’s a certain amount of anxiety in that experience and trying to locate a directory can add to the frustration...

Brands on Knotice for Complete Customer Profiles

Creating coordinated brand experiences that extend across digital channels and device types can help companies better engage customers through consistency, helpfulness and value, according to Patti Renner, director of marketing at...

Mobile Tipping Point for Email

How do your email list recipients consume your content? On a desktop computer or through their mobile devices (e.g. smartphones)? A new report from Knotice revelas that emails opened on mobile evices are actually on pace to surpass...

Mobile Email Opens are Up, But Activity is Lagging

Digital marketing software and services provider Knotice has released new data on the percentage of email opens and click activity via mobile device across 11 industry segments for the first half of 2011. The Mobile Email Opens Report...


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