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Landing Page Checklist (and Solutions) for Every Digital Experience

There's quite a bit of misunderstanding about what a landing page is because they take on so many different forms - let's see if we can't clear that up. Some landing pages are "short and sweet" while others "detailed...

Passing Go with Optimized Landing Pages for Gamers

:: Maximilian Beer, Senior Online Marketing Manager at TrafficCaptain :: Spurred by the increasing popularity of online games, the computer and video games market has in recent years seen rapid growth and today constitutes an important...

Fundamentals of Optimized Local Landing Pages

When you're looking to optimize your local Web presence, there are a number of important factors to consider, so it becomes a task to try to figure out where exactly you should focus your energy to make the best use of your time...

Top PPC Landing Pages by Industry

When you’re paying good money for clicks from a search engine to drive traffic to your site, it only makes sense that you would want the landing page that users arrive at to be engaging and informative, right? What seems obvious...

Trends in Landing Page Design for Search Marketers

Landing pages are critical to the success of search marketing and advertising campaigns. To ensure that the destination where consumers end up post-click presents the best opportunity for conversion, let's review three current...

Five PPC Landing Page Design Trends

If you are paying for clicks, you must ensure that the landing page where consumers end up post-click can convert. Impressions count more than ever when it comes to PPC landing page design so let's review what sites are doing right...


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