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QUICK HIT: What Is It That You Do?

What do users think of your website when they first arrive? If they can't tell at an instance what is being offered, what makes you think they would ever complete a purchase? This issue became clearer for many yesterday when Google's...

Swipe Right: 3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Landing Page

:: By Alejandro Cordovi, Jumbleberry :: Digital advertising is a lot like dating. Don’t like your potential match (or ad)? Swipe left and move on. Layer ad blocking on top of that and getting a customer’s attention in 2016...

3 Ways to Kick-Start Conversions

Companies looking for increased conversions in 2013 should focus on mobile, particularly in relation to optimized landing pages, email marketing, and the mastery of short- and long-form content....

Top PPC Landing Pages by Industry

When you’re paying good money for clicks from a search engine to drive traffic to your site, it only makes sense that you would want the landing page that users arrive at to be engaging and informative, right? What seems obvious...

Best of 2011 - Ecommerce Landing Pages

You only get one first impression, and a landing page is the first impression of every successful website. T herefore, it is imperative to create a good one. Successful ecommerce landing pages include aspects such as bold titles, eye...

Relevantor Terminates One-size-fits-all Landing Pages

Tired of one-size-fits-all landing pages? So are we. But now there is a way to regulate the way content is presented to your site visitors. E-marketing service Relevantor is launching its Web service at ad:tech NY this week, and by...


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