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Microsoft Embracing Linux on Premise

Microsoft is showing its love for Linux (again). The company is announcing it will launch its Azure Service Fabric cloud service for Linux out of limited preview later this month (Sept. 26, 2016). The core service will offer developers...

Adobe Releases Critical Security Patch

There are currently more than 1 billion websites in the world today with 13.5 percent (more than 135 million) of them using Adobe Flash. Adobe has announced a critical security patch for Flash and AIR (a cross-operating-system runtime...

Linux Servers Under Attack

Antivirus provider Eset has recently published a report ( PDF ) detailing what appears to be an ongoing criminal operation infecting more than 10,000 Unix and Linux servers. The malware campaign, dubbed Windigo, sends spam and redirects...

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Software Options for Membership Websites

The software or framework is where content delivery and membership management is handled. As with anything technical, you have many choices as to the platform and even operating system that you can use to build your membership site...

Linux Skills Are In High Demand

The Linux Foundation and conducted a joint research study to understand the hiring outlook for Linux professionals – and it’s quite rosy. Of the 2,000 survey respondents, more than 8 in 10 (81 percent) said that...

Linux Adoption Trends - Cloud Computing, Big Data

Enterprises will add more Linux to support their cloud computing and big data initiatives according to the “ Linux Adoption Trends 2012 ” report from the Linux Foundation. Eight out of ten survey respondents indicate that...

WM Morning Wire: 10-21-08

Welcome to Tuesday, October 21st, 2008! Below are a few press release that caught our attention this morning that you too might find interesting. We'll be covering some of these releases throughout the day, but if you have a news...


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