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Workflow Matters: Tips to Improve Email Production

Whether it's how we label and save images on our work computers or how emails are coded and checked, processes matter because they save time and help keep everything consistent. Litmus and Movable Ink teamed up to create an infographic...

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Using Device Type to Boost Open Rates

Android users are better….at least when it comes to opening emails. Recent research from Kahuna , a communication automation provider, indicates that while more than half of emails are opened on mobile, emails sent to Android...

Master List of Digital Analytics Solutions

Analytics are quickly becoming a rising star for businesses today. With the shear amount of information businesses receive on a daily basis continuing to increase it is nearly impossible for humans to process it all in a productive...

Responsive Emails, Not Such an Easy Decision

Creating emails that are aesthetically pleasing on mobile devices is no easy task. For that reason, responsive emails are a tempting alternative to their non-responsive counterparts. However, the decision between the two is not so...

IE Rules Web-Based Email; Are You Testing?

Research released late last month from Litmus indicates that most business and consumer users are actually accessing Web-based email through an IE browser. According to Litmus, a provider of email testing and analytics tools, Internet...

Study Reveals Email Viewing Habits

A new study shows that most people are still reading their emails through Outlook. According to the study from Litmus , a company that tests and tracks email campaigns, mobile email usage is rising, while Web and desktop email is declining...

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Inbox Inspection Now Free for MailChimp Subscribers

MailChimp has announced that its popular Inbox Inspection tool is now offered free of charge for all monthly subscribers. Inbox Inspections are a critical tool for email marketing, providing an accurate representation of how an email...


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