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4 Website E-Commerce Testing Strategies for the Holiday crush

:: By Archie Roboostoff, MicroFocus :: The holiday season is over, which is both good news and bad news for leading online retailers. While the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas generates a healthy portion of annual online...

Prepare for a Traffic Storm

It is important for organizations to conduct load testing to ensure site performance during high traffic times. In doing so, site owners can be confident in their Web properties' ability to perform under just about any circumstance...

Are You Ready for World IPv6 Day?

June 6 marks World IPv6 Day , where many Web companies from around the globe will officially enable Internet Protocol version 6 for their products and services. IPs are the primary communication protocol for relaying datagrams, or...

Load Testing and Monitoring Network

Web app experience management-service provider Gomez doubled the number of last-mile measurement points on its ExperienceFirst network to 80,000 end-user desktop computers in 162 countries. In the business of testing and monitoring...


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