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Shoppers Love Internet Explorer

When it comes to online holiday shopping, one browser is more popular than the rest – and no, it’s not Chrome, Firefox or Safari. The big winner is actually Internet Explorer. New data from cloud and mobile testing company...’s Mobile Redesign Worth the Wait?

The increased momentum behind mobile commerce has made redesigning e-commerce websites for mobile devices a necessity for online retailers, but the process can still include a few kinks. recently introduced a new mobile commerce...

Website Speed Trumps Functionality for Users

"When Seconds Count” is the name of a report conducted by Equation Research on behalf of Gomez, released in September 2010. In this study, users were asked about their feelings toward website speed and how it affects their...

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Yotta: The New Guy in Web Performance Analysis

Improve the user experience and you improve revenue, right? It only makes sense then that we're starting to see more companies enter a previously shallow pool of performance monitoring services on the market. The latest is Yottaa...

Google: Site Speed a Ranking Factor

Google has officially announced that site load speed is a factor when determining rankings, not that it's a deal-breaker. According to Matt Cutts, ""While site speed is a new signal, it doesn't carry as much weight...

Delay Loading of Images (In Long Pages)

If you're a reader of Website Magazine's Design & Development Digest you are well aware of our affinity (actually it's nearing an obsession) with jQuery. Many of the plugins bring so much value to the Web experience...


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