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Mobile Search Ads Now Featuring Multiple Locations

Google is helping advertisers put more than one store location in their mobile search ads. This is because the search engine juggernaut unveiled an improvement to its location extensions, which enables multiple location businesses...

Common Google Ad Extensions for E-Commerce Merchants

Google Ad extensions give potential customers more reasons to click on paid search ads. By including additional information, such as contact information, more website links or special offers, advertisers can meet the demands of information...

Google Charging for Location Extension Direction Clicks

Google announced last week that advertisers using location extensions will see performance metrics for directions alongside those for clicks and phone calls. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, Google will also begin to charge for clicks...

Location Extensions from Google for Mobile Advertisers

Earlier this year Google launched click-to-call location extensions for search ads and it was well received by advertisers. They have taken the program a few steps forward today with the addition of location extensions which can be...


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