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Long-Tail Keyword Tips for Affiliates

Working within a niche industry as an affiliate marketer is very much a system of give-and-take that comes with potentially huge rewards. But it does not come without extraordinary effort on the part of the publisher. When affiliates... Comes Full Circle is going back to its roots. The site is once again positioned to be a question-and-answer portal rather than a search engine, exactly the way they started in the Ask Jeeves days. The goal is to provide quick answers to user...

Online Video: Is the Party Over?

A look at recent Compete data shows that just about every major online video portal lost traffic last month. Take a look at the numbers, from Compete's February 2010 data. However, YouTube recently reported that users are uploading...

Bing Gaining Search Share; Long Tail Booming

An announcement from HitWise this morning indicated that Google accounted for 71.49 percent of all U.S. searches for the four weeks ending Jan. 31, 2010 - a one percent decrease month-over-month. This would normally be nothing more...

Longer Search Queries are Flat

Long Live the Long Tail! Buried beneath the news that Google once again dominated the world of search with over 71% market share (as reported by Hitwise ) was a very valuable bit of information related to the percentage of U.S. clicks...

SEO for Multi-Word Queries

The length of search queries has increased over the past year according to HitWise (PDF). That's a meaningful bit of information for both publishers (affiliates) and advertisers - let's look at how to capitalize on this important...


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