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Know Before You Go; Google Now Shows How Busy Locations Are

Just in time for Small Business Saturday, Google is introducing several new features worthy of note - particularly for brick-and-mortar businesses. SUBSCRIBE to Website Magazine & Accelerate 'Net Success Expanding on its Popular...

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Digital Distribution & the Future of Travel & Leisure for Publishers

Geo-mapping startup HallStreet, which offers a map-based, interactive events and travel planner, has been acquired by city-specific destination guide publisher Time Out Group . Time Out’s investment in this technology, which...

Doing More with Digital Maps

Maps have become common place on the Web today but there are some creative ways today's 'Net professionals can deploy these useful content assets into their digital experience. Let's review a few jQuery plugins so 'Net...

Weekend Warrior: Map Madness!

It is increasingly common to see websites and applications using maps (interactive and static) in order to show to visitors specific locations - either of their own business or even points of interest. While it used to be somewhat...

Create Interactive Maps with Google's New Data Layers

Google has added several new features to Data Layers in its JavaScript Maps API. The new features will enable developers to allow their users to input and edit geographic data and get the updated data in GeoJSON format. Google provided...

What Google's My Maps Means to Local Marketing

:: By Adam Dorfman, SIM Partners :: Welcome to personal mapping. Google recently announced the roll out of My Maps , an app that makes it possible for you to create customized maps enriched with images, icons and place details. Previously...

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Google Brings GeoJSON to the JavaScript Maps API

Do you know what the most popular applications on the Web tend to be? That's right. Maps. And the richer and more interactive developers can make their map-based applications, the more useful they become to users. Google announced...

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jQuery MAPS: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

7 jQuery Map Plugins As the Web becomes increasingly local in nature, designers and developers must find creative, innovative and interactive ways to show website visitors that they are embracing this fundamental digital evolution...

Icons and Labels in Google Maps

Google added icons and labels to its Maps product for prominent businesses and places of interest in August of last year. Leading up to today, there have been many questions (and even some complaints) from business owners about how...

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Three jQuery Plugins for Google Maps Lovers

The Web is increasingly becoming more "local" focused and savvy designers and developers are working night and day to find creative and innovative ways to present information to users in this context. Here are three simple...

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Google Maps Gadget: Brick and Mortar Must-Have

As a consumer, you're probably used to seeing something like this on a "directions" page from a brick-and-mortar store: From the east, take route 66, head south on Main St . and so on. That can be a hassle. Worse, for...

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