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B2B Marketers Want More Meetings with Sales Teams

The majority of B2B marketers want more meetings with sales teams to improve marketing initiatives according to a recent study from ToutApp. The study shows that 70 percent of surveyed marketers said they want to meet with their sales...

Manage Tasks More Efficiently

There is a new task management software on the market, and it goes by the name of Ignitur. Ignitur is a software as a service (SaaS) built specifically for Web marketers, from professionals and amateurs to teams and individual entrepreneurs...

33 WordPress Themes for Every Person

Everyone knows someone – a neighbor, a friend, a relative, an associate, a client – who needs a website. And the Web designers or developers they turn to for help are likely looking to WordPress to create one. After all...

3 Ways to Kick-Start Conversions

Companies looking for increased conversions in 2013 should focus on mobile, particularly in relation to optimized landing pages, email marketing, and the mastery of short- and long-form content....

B2B Metrics Aren't Measuring Up

A survey by marketing automation solution provider Pardot reveals that a significant number of business-to-business (B2B) marketers aren’t actively or accurately tracking the revenue that their campaigns generate, a non-practice...


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