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Font Fun with WordPress

According to WordPress’ official download counter, the open-source blogging software has been downloaded more than 6.6 million times, as of this writing. Chances are, if you are running WordPress, your site has a lot in common...

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E-Commerce Software in Action

Despite the economic downturn that has affected everyone from Madison Avenue to Main Street, the state of the e-commerce industry (despite a noticeable dip in transactions and sales) has remained strong, thanks to continued improvements...

Evaluate Editorial Impact Using Google Analytics

Many editors feel that once content has been created and uploaded, their job is done. That’s not true. If you don’t measure, you can’t analyze. If you don’t analyze, you can’t improve. And the easiest...

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Top 50: Resources for Design Inspiration

When it comes to your Web design, where do you (or your designers) look for inspiration? Chances are good that it’s most often the websites of your competitors. While that’s certainly one way to do some valuable benchmarking...

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Guide to Obtaining Links for Traffic and Search Engine Exposure You have no traffic, and you know it. Let’s change that. You may have used some of the strategies, channels and tactics discussed in SEO Corner to acquire new links...

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Creating Influence and Trust in a Place of Uncertainty

Many marketing professionals believe that, because the Internet is a new medium, new rules and techniques must be invented. They are mistaken. Many timeless principles apply to online marketing but have largely been ignored. Dr. Robert...

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SEO in a Social Media World

Web professionals’ interest in search engine optimization (SEO) is matched in intensity only by the excitement surrounding social media. The end result of these two Internet marketing endeavors is nearly the same: website traffic...

5 Outdated SEO Tactics and 5 Alternatives

In the past it was easier to achieve high search engine rankings by “gaming” the system with questionable SEO tactics. But as search engines have evolved, many suspect SEO practices have been rendered useless. However,...

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Climbing The Ranks with Optimized Press Releases

Want publicity? Submit an optimized press release, say today’s leading online PR experts. Whether you’re targeting journalists, consumers or all of the above, an optimized press release can create endless possibilities...

Holistic Website Development and Promotion

Times have changed. The Internet is incredibly competitive, and the environment in which businesses compete online is changing at a rapid pace. Yet many business’ website development processes remain unchanged from the turn of...

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Managing Website Redesigns

If the website you own or manage is not meeting expectations, it is time to consider engaging in a comprehensive redesign process. While the notion of undertaking a project of this magnitude can seem overwhelming, doing some benchmarking...

Pricing Web Hosting

With today’s emerging technologies and the increasing demand for a wider range of services, the Web hosting landscape has exploded into an array of complex, specialized categories. “The Web hosting industry has always been...

Website House of Cards (Commentary)

On Inspiration & Innovation It’s a commonly held notion that most small businesses fail within the first few years of their existence. The Small Business Administration reports that just 66 percent last past the first two...

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