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Rethinking Membership Engagement Metrics

Membership management and community software Socious released a new feature last week that will allow their customers to more easily track engagement in the platform. SUBSCRIBE to Website Magazine & Accelerate 'Net Success...

6 Numbers to Determine Campaign Effectiveness

:: By John Unger :: When you add up all of the human resources required to design and execute a marketing campaign, you are looking at potentially hundreds of working hours. In addition to this, you have the direct costs of development...

Marketers Getting Long-Term Relationship Metrics Wrong

What a brand thinks they are doing right versus what they are actually doing right/wrong is often very different, as marketers can very easily focus their attention on metrics that don’t help them reach their goals. This is what...

Media Management Moves to 2013

If you are trapped in spreadsheet agony, you are not alone. When analyzing cross-channel performance data, media buyers can spend hours, if not days, recording performance data from different channels and ad types (e.g. print ads,...

Trendy Metrics for Affiliate Marketing

Late last week, affiliate program software provider LinkTrust announced it was including trend reports in its service offering as part of its Summer of Love updates to help monitor an affiliate’s traffic numbers and produce predictive...

Is Click-through Rate a Meaningless Metric?

How do you measure online advertising success? Chances are good that click-through rate (CTR) is a key component. But should it be? This week, we talked with Jeremy Stanley of Collective, who shares some fascinating research that just...

Facebook vs. MySpace

While most marketers are gaga over Facebook these days, you may not want to rule out MySpace just yet. While the Web media didn't miss a beat on Facebook matching MySpace in terms of unique traffic last week, MySpace was touting...


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