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Making Color Considerations for Mobile Design

:: By Calvin Sellers :: Web design is a key part of any successful company's marketing strategy. It's rare nowadays to find a thriving business that doesn't have a well-oiled, expertly designed website that turns potential...

7 Brands Doing Mobile Design Right

Executing a comprehensive mobile strategy goes far beyond just optimizing your website for mobile devices. Now days, consumers interact with brands through a variety of mobile touchpoints, including emails and applications. To complicate...

How Touchscreens Changed the Way Designers Design

Ever since it was reported in April that Microsoft is planning on launching a smaller 7-inch version of its Surface tablet to compete with the iPad Mini, Web designers have had to refocus their efforts to accommodate the user experience...

The Web's Most Gorgeously Designed Websites

:: By DJ Miller :: Stagnant websites simply can't keep up in the continually evolving online world. Those that update often and experiment bravely with an eye to gorgeous, yet functional design are sure to grab visitors' attention...

Hooked! Mobile Design Interaction on the Web

You have to admit that the modern “mobile” world is changing all sorts of things about the traditional Web – and not just that we’re now all designing with a “responsive” mindset. It’s bringing...

Responsive Design: Not So Simple

By Mike DiMarco, Director of Media for FiddleFly , Inc. Sometimes, a good idea on paper can blossom into a great idea in practice. Other times however, a seemingly great idea on paper can quickly turn into a wastebasket full of unexpected...

The Canonical Element and Mobile Design

Google's Panda update has sent many an SEO into a flurry of activity. The search engine's algorithm tweak requires SEO's to have a renewed focus on having unique content on every page of the site. With today's dynamic...

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