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New and Improved iPad - Mobile Minute (May 2012)

A device that Apple calls “resolutionary,” the third iPad officially launched in March. So, what makes this different from the first two iPads? A Retina display, 5MP iSight camera and ultrafast 4G LTE, for starters. The...

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Mobile App Watch - Mobile Minute (May 2012)

Adobe Photoshop Touch iOS - Android The Adobe Photoshop Touch app enables users to combine images, apply professional effects and share the results directly from their tablet devices. The $9.99 design app includes features that allow...

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Twitter Ads On the Go - Mobile Minute (May 2012)

In another move aimed at boosting the popular microblogging website’s revenue, Twitter announced that iOS and Android device users will start seeing Promoted Tweets in their timelines. Promoted Tweets are sponsored messages ...

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Startups to Watch - 'Net Briefs (May 2012)

CoupFlip , launched last year, buys and sells unredeemed LivingSocial and Groupon vouchers — which amount anywhere from 20 to 40 percent on any given deal. Users shop for deals according to price range, location on a map, keywords...

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Lost In Translation - 'Net Briefs (May 2012)

If current trends continue, the world will be adding approximately 1 billion new Internet users every four years, and the vast majority will be from non-English speaking countries. In fact, according to a recent study by Smartling...

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Acquisitions and Milestones - 'Net Briefs (May 2012)

■ Twitter recently announced a deal in which it will acquire blogging platform Posterous, bringing on most of Posterous’ engineers, product managers and additional talent. Posterous Spaces will remain up and running without disruption...

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It's About Time(line) - 'Net Briefs (May 2012)

Facebook finally committed to the Timeline platform, opening it up to all users and making the feature available to brand pages. The social network officially unveiled the feature on Leap Day, and it was quickly adopted by internationally...

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OpenStack Opens Up - 'Net Briefs (May 2012)

For developers utilizing the OpenStack cloud software infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Rackspace has launched a new OpenStack sandbox, called TryStack, to give users an environment against which to test their code. Developers can...

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A Patented Conflict - 'Net Briefs (May 2012)

If the once-proud Yahoo! brand eventually drifts into Web obscurity, as many have predicted it will, the company plans to go down swinging. Or suing, at the very least. The deflated tech powerhouse recently filed a lawsuit against...

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The Hacker Way - 'Net Briefs (May 2012)

There is a reason why Chrome may have gained market share at a record pace the past two years — Google is sparing no expense trying to make it the Web’s most reliable browser. The company is offering a total of $1 million...

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Mind Games - 'Net Briefs (May 2012)

Are social media icons impacting your online business’ bottom line? A joint study from the University of Miami School of Business Administration, Empirica Research and StyleCaster Media Group reveals that consumers are subconsciously...

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Girl Power - 'Net Briefs (May 2012)

Even if you are not using it yet, you have almost certainly heard of Pinterest by now. Its recent popularity has been welldocumented, and Hitwise recently reported that it has cracked the world’s top 30 websites based on total...

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