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AdJuggler: Pay As You Go Campaign

AdJuggler , an online advertising management system, launched a new advertising platform to appeal to smaller businesses. Previously, AdJuggler only offered long-term contract advertising, but with the new platform, advertisers can...

Quantcast Marketer - Competition for Google Insights?

If you're on the lookout for tools and services to help improve your Web media planning and buying, audience measurement service Quantcast announced the launch of a doozy of a free solution which provides insights from online consumer...

ValueClick's ActiveAds in the Wild

Performance advertising network ValueClick announced the availability of ActiveAds. Through the offering, marketers can display micro-targeted messages in custom ad creative without the need to re-design, re-deploy, or re-manage multiple...

How to Sell High-Ticket Products with Paid Advertising

: By Joseph Kerschbaum : At a time when people are pinching pennies, how do Internet retailers still manage to sell their high-ticket products? Yes, the economy is down and consumers are spending less. But that doesn’t mean your...

Yahoo Improves Content Match

Yahoo announced an improved version of its Content Match program. Using the same interface, Yahoo! believes the improved system will provider for better matching and ultimately higher click-through rates. The existing system attempts...


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