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With 50 Million Downloads, Joomla Becomes Developer Favorite

WordPress might be the first solution you think of when considering an open-source content management system (or maybe Drupal), but it shouldn't be the only one. Joomla , a CMS that is used for everything from websites and blogs...

And Presto; an Open-Source SQL-on-Hadoop Engine from Facebook

Facebook announced that it is taking its SQL query engine for Hadoop, dubbed Presto, open source. The offering is widely considered far faster than other data warehouse frameworks including Hive, which Facebook actually developed several...

Source Sans Pro – Adobe Open Source Type

Adobe has released a new (and free) open source type family by the name of Source Sans Pro . The Source Sans Pro font, the first ‘open’ font from Adobe, includes six weights (from ExtraLight to Black) in upright and italic...


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