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Avoid These 7 #OnlineShoppingProblems

The most successful online retailers are continuously optimizing their Web-based businesses to not only improve their bottom line, but also provide better experiences to their customers. Optimization can include anything from website...

Web Trends Brings a Real-Time Stream of Customer Data to SDL

Customer experience management provider SDL and analytics and optimization solution Webtrends have joined forces to help marketers improve customer engagement. SDL users can now tap into WebTrends Streams, a real-time intelligence...

SEO in Action: Optimizing White Papers

As search engines increase what informational assets to crawl, index and rank, so must search engine optimization professionals develop that content. One of the most popular forms of content traditionally among B2B brands of course...

Weekend Warrior: Inbound Link Prospecting

It is unlikely you will find a website high on the SERPs for which the person or team responsible for that placement has not done the necessary competitive research. Link prospecting does not stop at knowing the sites to target; you...

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Quora Optimization - Write Great Answers

Every once in a great while a new website emerges that warrants greater scrutiny – question and answer site Quora is one such player. Whether you’re a fanboy or a basher of the service as it stands today, knowing how to...

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Optimizing for YouTube

YouTube has grown to be such a phenomenon that optimizing for it alone requires its own in-depth review. So let’s take a look at what it takes to optimize video for YouTube......

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Optimizing for Universal Search

Why is universal search important? It’s the next evolution of Search Engine results. See why and how optimization for universal search is crucial to the future of SEO......

WideMile's Multivariate Optimization Platform

Widemile announced at SES New York today the beta availability of its third-generation optimization platform, a browser-based application which helps online marketers maximize campaign performance by testing and optimizing landing...

Testing and Optimization: SiteSpect, CSN Stores Study

SiteSpect has helped leading online retailer CSN Stores increase their sales by 7% by utilizing their non-obtrusive website conversion optimization technology....


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