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2014's Big List of Marketing Automation Software

:: By Derek Schou, Associate Editor :: The software that marketers use is their lifeblood - and marketing automation software is no different. In many cases, marketing automation software replaced the need for marketers to keep track...

Experts Speak: Must-Have Marketing Automation Features (Part I)

Marketing automation can seem like the cure to most marketing woes, but clearly not all software systems are created equal. In fact, VentureBeat reports that almost half of companies are using more than one marketing automation system...

The B2B Customer in Focus

It is important for B2B companies to understand the unique habits of their customer base so that they can refine their marketing strategies accordingly. Luckily, a new study from ExactTarget and Pardot is shedding light on the subject...

ExactTarget Brings B2B Marketing Automation to Facebook

Cross-channel digital marketing provider ExactTarget has extended its B2B marketing automation service, Pardot, to Facebook. By doing this, marketers will be able to acquire new prospects on Facebook for lead nurturing campaigns. The...

Nurture or Acquisition in Email Marketing?

If you’re using email as a channel to acquire new customers, you’re apparently in the minority. A recent survey from marketing automation provider Pardot reveals that email is most effective today as a “nurturing”...

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Prioritizing SEO with Pardot’s Keyword & Competitor Monitoring

Marketing automation software Pardot is offering up some new search engine optimization focused tools (modules) that are worth a look. Pardot’s now includes a feature for monitoring keywords and competitors within the cloud-based...

B2B Metrics Aren't Measuring Up

A survey by marketing automation solution provider Pardot reveals that a significant number of business-to-business (B2B) marketers aren’t actively or accurately tracking the revenue that their campaigns generate, a non-practice...

Big List of Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software is here to stay. No longer an emerging trend or the domain of a select few savvy businesses, these software platforms streamline sales and marketing departments by replacing high-touch, repetitive manual...


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