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End-User Experience as a Driver of Business Performance

The increasing complexity of distributed infrastructure and the greater reliance on third parties is causing many within IT operations to lose visibility into their critical systems. As a result, as it stands today some 80 percent...

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A Quantum Leap in Performance

Internet performance and security company CloudFlare introduced HTTP/2 Server Push support for its customers - all 4 million of them. HTTP/2 Server Push is the next generation Internet standard aimed at speeding up websites and mobile...

Yottaa Gets CEXi to Benchmark Performance, User Experience

Cloud-based platform for optimizing Web and mobile applications Yottaa has launched its Customer Experience Index (CEXi), a new index designed to help digital businesses benchmark Web performance and user experience. The CEXi is a...

E-Commerce Profiles in Site Performance Optimization

One of the most pressing concerns for online retailers is maintaining a high-level of performance - particularly during the high-traffic holidays. There is, of course, no shortage of solutions on the market to support merchants in...

Storage Performance Affects App Performance

A new report from flash storage provider Kaminario reveals that 90 percent of all application performance issues are tired directly to excessive storage use. The study, which collected data from over two-hundred organizations over...

DejaClick Supports Performance Monitoring in Chrome

The Chrome Web browser is absolutely kicking the virtual snot out of every other browser (unless of course your brand caters to an aging, anti-Google audience). Google's Chrome has grown by more than 25 percent globally, and among...

Sites Report Now Available in AdSense

Tracking an ad’s performance just became easier with the new Sites Report available in the new AdSense interface. Manually created URLs won’t be necessary anymore to track your ads. Instead, a detailed report will show...

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Gomez Performance Benchmarking

Web performance solution Gomez launched a free benchmarking tool that lets IT, Web and marketing teams compare the performance of their website to competitors , peers, or industry leaders. This is certainly a tool to take a look at...


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