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Surprise! Teens Love Using Social Media to Share Things

It looks like teenagers love to share things more than we thought – it just so happens that they prefer to do it on the Internet. According to a new study from Pew Internet , teens are more than willing to share a bunch of information...

Designing for Privacy & Web Success

By Timothy J. Toohey, Partner at Snell & Wilmer, LLP It is a safe prediction for 2013 that public awareness of websites’ data privacy issues will continue to increase. In the last few years, popular websites, including Google...

Check it Out – Who is Really Checking in?

Mobile has been one of the hottest topics in the tech industry for some time now, but there are still many uncertainties as to exactly how consumers are utilizing their devices. This information is especially important for Web workers...

Study Assesses Value of Social Media Users

Not long ago, the Pew Research Center unleashed on the world the results of a study highlighting how Internet users, and specifically Facebook users, are much more likely to engage in political activities like voting or attending political...

Search and Email Still Primary Online Activities

Some new information released following a May 2011 Pew Internet survey may be helpful to marketers looking to target different demographics of Web users. The results of the study show that, to no one's surpise, search engines and...

Granny Gets a Facebook Page

Social media use has grown dramatically across all age groups, but older users have been adopting networking tools particularly fast. New research today released by Pew Internet indicates that social networking use among Internet users...


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