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Hack the Hack: How to Identify an Email Phishing Scam

:: By Alex Weinbaum, MioDatos :: It's 7 a.m., and you’re one of the first people in the office. As you fire up the computer and wait for your coffee to cool, you know it’s going to be a good day. The birds are chirping...

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Online Shoppers Easily Duped

56 percent of holiday shoppers will do some of their shopping on the Internet this year, and they'll be receiving and reading email newsletters and email notifications as they do so. Along with the greater number of shopping deals...

Patching Up Holes in your SMB Security System

By Kristin Tarr, Communications Manager at CloudFlare With the recent phishing hack on the Associated Press’ Twitter account and the cyberattack that compromised more than 50 million Living Social customers , you’re probably...

Fight Phishing with Return Path

The reputational cost to a brand as a result of a phishing attack is approximately $1900 per infected user, according to a Cisco report . Can you afford that? Return Path, an email intelligence company, recently announced a solution...

GlobalSign Alert Service Helps Fight Phishing

In order to provide its customers with real-time alerts about their SSL Certificates, which tell them when their websites are compromised and used to support phishing attacks, certification authority GlobalSign has partnered with Internet...

Cloudmark on the Move

Messaging infrastructure and security solution provider CloudMark announced that Web hosting leaders Hostopia and DigiWeb will be using its services. DigiWeb will be using CloudMark's hosted and managed security solution Cloudfilter...


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