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Pricing Volatility Alerts for Retailers

E-commerce product intelligence solution 360pi has launched a service that will enable retailers to receive email alerts on product price changes. The new 360alerts service, available to qualified retailers, brand manufacturers and...

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Optimal Pricing with Demand Prediction Analytics

E-commerce merchants are struggling in the highly competitive, real-time retail market as shoppers have full visibility on product prices - something merchants don't always have at the point of impression. Last week at

Beating Amazon with Pricing Insights

Believe it or not, Amazon does have some weak spots and savvy online retailers are figuring out how to take advantage. Pricing intelligence solution 360pi released findings from a study which analyzed Amazon's own product assortment...

Divergence in Pricing Online vs. In-Store

In a follow-up to its 2010 study on online versus in-store pricing, Anthem Marketing Solutions today released a report showing that items with prices below $15 were generally cheaper in store, while those priced above $15 were generally...

Get Smart: Competitive Pricing Intelligence

When you know what your competition is doing it makes decision making for your own enterprise easier. There are a variety of solutions available on the market currently including ChannelIQ, Gazaro, and Vendavo but Ugam Interactive...

Use Precise Pricing To Entice Buyers

I'm not sure when I first heard the price point "$19.95," but something about that combination of letters impressed me - perhaps it was the fluidity the sound those numbers made and the sense of attainability it provided...

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