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Streamline Your Affiliate Program Management

By Geno Prussakov Affiliate program management and managing individual affiliates can often get in the way of the actual success of an enterprise. But there are powerful tools and methods that will dramatically cut down on time spent...

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Limited Potential Syndrome and 7 Deadly Sins of Affiliate Marketing

: By Geno Prussakov : You have launched an affiliate program, a number of affiliates have joined and you have started to see referrals to your website. However, at one point the sales volume gets frozen at one level, and no signs point...

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A Different Breed of Affiliate Tools: GoldenCAN and PopShops

by Evgenii “Geno” Prussakov Affiliates are motivated by one thing — revenue. But the road to this goal is often bumpy and difficult to navigate. Selecting and participating in some of the thousands of affiliate programs...

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