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6 Tips for Creating Moneymaking Content

At the end of the day, content drives the Internet. It’s an important aspect of any Web presence, but especially for affiliate marketers, who depend on their content to interest visitors, attract advertisers, and make money....

The New York Times' Pay Wall Success

According to its first-quarter earnings, The New York Times has sold more than 100,000 digital subscriptions since it launched the pay wall three weeks ago. Should these paying subscribers continue their subscriptions, NYT stands to...

Evolving the Publishing Industry

Traditional publishing models are gone. That means content creators have more options, more control, and more power than ever before. In the world of traditional publishing you either evolve or devolve and some companies see the opportunities...

WM Radio: Optimizing Press Releases, Facebook Strategies

Online press releases can bring a bounty to your business -- if you know what to do. We discuss press release tactics with Christine O'Kelly of Also, some new data about Facebook publishing was released this week...

Flipboard Shows Us the Future of Content

A new iPad app was released this week that might indicate a seismic, revolutionary shift in how users perceive and consume content, as well as offer a true silver bullet for a troubled media industry scrambling for ways to generate...

B&N Offers Digital Distribution to Independent and Self-Publishers

Independent publishers and self-published authors will be able to distribute their books and other works through Barnes and Noble’s digital retail channels with the company’s new publishing and distribution platform, PubIt...


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