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PubMatic Brings Native Ads to the Digital Ecosystem

Native advertising is set to take off in a big way as it greatly benefits both advertisers and publishers looking for more authentic (and profitable) interactions and that has not gone unnoticed by those in the ad technology space...

The Programmatic Outlook for 2015

Programmatic advertising platform PubMatic (which was highlighted as one of Website Magazine's Top 50 Digital Ad Brands of 2014 ) has released a report examining the technical, business and social implications of "programmatic"...

Real-Time Bidding Boosts Ad Revenue for Publishers

The increased use of real-time bidding (RTB) and private marketplaces for selling online ads has resulted in a noticeable boost in revenue for publishers, including a lift in CPMs, according to the digital media platform PubMatic ...

Publisher? You’re Ready for RTB say PubMatic

PubMatic, a “sell-side” platform for publishers interested in monetizing through direct ad sales, released the results of a study showing that “real-time bidding” (RTB) campaigns sold directly by publishers...

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Ad Pricing Increases in 2009: Seasonal Adjustment or Recession Ending?

Ad revenue optimization technology provider Pubmatic released a report which revealed that ad pricing levels have increased 35% since the start of 2009. Pricing for ad inventory sold through indirect channels such as ad networks and...

Lift Revenue With Ad Price Prediction

Ad revenue optimization technology provider Pubmatic has made available Ad Price Prediction, enabling a real-time comparison of ad network and ad exchange pricing. Global publishers with more than $5 million in annual online revenue...


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