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ShareThrough Unveils Programmatic Native Ads & Quality Scoring

Native advertising automation company Sharethrough has unveiled a new version of its supply side platform, Sharethrough For Publishers (SFP), that now supports programmatic native. According to the company’s announcement , the...

Quality Score: Advanced Questions (and Answers)

If you’ve been advertising with Google AdWords for a little while, you probably have a handle on the basics of Quality Score: what it is, what it does, how it’s calculated, and how it affects your campaign performance and...

Google Instant Driving Up Online Ad Prices

Google unveiled Google Instant today and it has the community of Web professionals (particularly those involved in online advertising via Adwords) quite concerned. No doubt about it, Google Instant is a significant development in the...

WordStream's Negative Keyword Tool

Keyword research platform WordStream has released a free negative keyword tool . If you need to improve click-through rates and Quality Score (don't forget your ROI from advertising) this is definitely a resouce to check out. The...

Quality Score: 5 Steps to Optimizing a PPC Account

by Amber Speer, Hannapin Marketing The most common mistake when companies try to manage their own pay-per-click (PPC) account is a lack of organization around, and understanding of the Google Quality Score and Yahoo! Quality Index...

Google Quality Score Improvements

Changes to how Google’s Quality Score is determined will take effect this week in all advertiser accounts. There are three main “improvements” to the system; QS is calculated at the time of each search query, keywords...

New Google Quality Scores

According to an official announcement from Google , the method in which quality score (which influences how paid advertising is placed next to search results) is determined at Adwords is about to change. Quality Score (according to...


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