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5 Ways to Rethink the Way You Rebrand

By Chris Tomeo, K2 It’s no small feat, but a truly successful rebrand must be bold, flexible and radiate the soul of the company — the essence and resolve that drives everything from the way a product is developed to the...

How to Rebrand or Rebuild a Website that is SEO-Ready

:: By Jason Squardo, ZOG Digital :: Rebrand and rebuild; for some businesses, those are the keys to moving forward both financially and digitally. But tearing down an established digital presence and domain name can have massive impacts...

What Does the Pig Say? Youth Payments Service Says "Oink"

Oink doesn’t just represent the sound pigs make anymore, because youth payments service Virtual Piggy has officially changed its name to – you guessed it – Oink. Virtual Piggy acquired the domain name from...

The All-new Myspace a Model of Rebranding

After taking an absolute beating in the social media space, MySpace has finally made a change. And, at first look, it's quite impressive. But before we dive into the details, let's back up a few years. Myspace was the hottest...


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