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Review Snippets for Category Listings Axed By Google

From ratings and reviews to products and offers to price and availability, rich snippets are a way for businesses to help their websites stand out in the crowded search engine result pages (SERPs), as they add extra information to...

The Rich Snippets Shakeup of 2013

One day you're "in," the next day you're "out." That seems to be the case for rich snippets, a once very real opportunity for many search engine optimization professionals struggling to differentiate their...

Rich Snippet Updates Support HTML Testing

Google has blogged about two big updates to the types of rich snippets the search engine will be crawling. The news is especially useful to online merchants, SEO professionals and, well, pretty much anyone that runs a website. Rich...

SEO: Structured Data Poised to Influence SERP Position

When Website Magazine wrote about and advised on the importance of starting work on the implementation of rich snippets , did you listen? If you did – well done, your reward is coming soon. If you did not, you should have. The...

Google Goes International with Rich Snippets

Google announced the international availability of rich snippets on the Webmaster Central Blog this week. For those unfamiliar with rich snippets, they enable you to include additional data form your site in search results. That got...


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