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Deliver RSS by Email with StreamSend

Internet professionals are always looking for ways to achieve greater results with less effort. One way to do that is to blog content into email newsletter content. But who wants to address all the design and delivery issues associated...

Feedburner Alternatives – RSS to Email (and Monetization) Solutions

RSS was a very important element of content publishing success in years past, but with the introduction of social media, it has for many all but fallen out of view. With email’s continued relevance in digital marketing however...

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Feedburner Now Offers In the Moment Stats

Google has rolled out an experimental interface (and some real-time tracking features) for its Feedburner service. This is really the first upgrade since the service was acquired back in 2007. The new interface according to Google...

LinkedIn News Feeds

LinkedIn apparently wants to play catch up in the battle for the social Web. Not to be outdone by the likes of Digg, Facebook or even Twitter, professional networking site LinkedIn announced the launch of a new feature last week that...

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Transferring Feedburner Accounts

Are you a Feedburner user? Well, now you're officialy a Google Feedburner user. Google is moving the Feedburner application to Google and that means you'll need to transfer your feed(s). Google is planning to have all accounts...

Exclusive Content in WordPress: RSS Post Editor

This post is for WordPress users! There comes a time in the virtual life of every blogger that they want more from their WordPress installation, more from their RSS feed and more activity and a deeper relationship with and from readers...

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Distributed Media Analytics at Pheedo

Advertisers in pursuit of engagement analytics and the overall impact of the content campaigns in social networks and weblogs will be pleased to know that distributed media nalaytics provider Pheedo is now able to measure the effectiveness...

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RSS The Oprah Way

When first introduced, RSS (Real Simple Syndication) was touted by a vocal few as a great salvation of time for the wider Web community. And by all accounts, it delivered. It gives us the ability to consume massive amounts of information...

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Feed Compare - Bigger or Better?

With Google is mere days away from publicly unveiling Adsense for Feeds , you're about to read a lot more on this blog and other regarding how to determine the popularity of a blog and how to assess the value derived from appearing...

RSS Advertising: Before You Start

( At the end of the post is a "quick hack" to find the number of RSS Subscribers a feedburner-powered weblog has ) When it seems that every company on the Web and every individual within that company has a weblog, many readers...


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