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Bing Webmaster Tools Update: Deeper Crawl Details and More

Bing is rolling out a long list of new features and improvements for its Webmaster Tools offering. The updates focus on providing webmasters with the ability to "share more data" with the search engine and that's exactly...

Finding Customers & Targeting Messages (Beginner)

:: THREE PRIMARY SOURCES OF WEB VISITOR ACQUISITION :: Where do Internet users come from? The real question is, where don't they? It is difficult to specify the total number of our future friends and website visitors at any given...

Search Engines the First Stop for Most Online Shoppers

Three out of five consumers use search engines as their go-to online shopping resource, according to the recent Compete Online Shopper Intelligence Study. Sixty-one percent of respondents chose search engines as the tool they rely...

Navigating the Real-Time Web

A new style of search is emerging and it provides a radically different experience for the user. By Evan Britton Over the past year, a handful of real-time search engines have launched, with search results based on recent information...

Bing The Fastest Growing Search Engine, Yahoo Stumbling, Google Steady

While Google remains far and away the leading search engine (with a 65% share of searches), Bing, at least according to Nielsen, is the fastest growing search engine. Bing's search market share in August rose 22.1% to 10.7% of...

Everybody Panic! Google and Yahoo Update Indices

The forums are flush this morning with news that both Yahoo! and Google are updating their indices. While few details are available there’s no real reason to panic as, at least on Google, it looks like a return to pre-summer...

Comscore August Search Rankings

Is Search at a Tipping Point? Comscore released its monthly comScore qSearch analysis of the U.S. search marketplace today. Americans conducted 11.7 billion core searches and Google extended its lead by 1.1 percentage points, to 63...

Cuil Not Remotely Ready For Primetime

When you say you aim to compete with Google, you better have a product that can back that statement up. This has never been better illustrated than in the case of recently launched search engine Cuil ( pronounced cool ). Despite a...

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SE Ranking Problem - Slow Server

I received a note from a reader yesterday afternoon inquiring about why her site was not ranking. As you can imagine we receive many emails like this each day and periodically I like to look under the hood an see what's going on...

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