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6 SEO Game Changers to Know

By Michael Marshall, Search Engine Academy of North Carolina Important Developments in the History of Search and Where It’s Headed When I started working in SEO, the Web was the Wild West of marketing. Twelve years ago, the most...

Turning Google Search Queries Data into Actionable Insights

Anyone that has ever done SEO work can attest to the fact that it’s usually very complex, multi-layered and never as easy as just tweaking one thing here or there to top the SERPs. That is why successful Web workers turn to multiple...

Search Market Share and Longer Queries

Hitwise released data today revealing that while Google still commands 64% of the search market share, Bing-powered search is on the rise. Google accounted for 64.42 percent of all U.S. searches conducted in the four weeks ending April...


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