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Searchmetrics Hires eBay Exec.

Hiring takes time, but there are certain instances when the process is less daunting. For example, when a person has executive experience from eBay to offer. eBay’s Global Head of SEO and Content Development Jordan Koene has...

Attention SEOs & CEOs – SEO Grew Up

By Joe Griffin, Co-founder and CEO at iAcquire We all compare SEO to paid search in one facet or another. Many try to force SEO into an ad model. By looking at keyword search volume, existing rankings and click-through rate assumptions...

New Study Reveals Top Google Ranking Factors

The volume of Facebook and Twitter shares that a Web page generates is closely correlated to how high it ranks in Google searches, while too many ads on a page are likely to have a negative effect on search visibility. So says a new...

New Backlink Analysis Tool from Searchmetrics

Search analytics software provider Searchmetrics has made an addition to its successful SEO + SEM and Social modules with the launch of a new backlinks analysis tool in open beta. The new Links module gives global marketers instant...

Searchmetrics Essentials Introduces Social Visibility

It's no surprise to anyone that social media is growing rapidly, and with that, it becomes increasingly intertwined with search. Meanwhile, online marketing has been continually evolving to keep up with these trends, and today...

Canadian Search Data through Searchmetrics

Search analytics software provider Searchmetrics has added Canada to its search performance index, giving search marketers visibility into their campaigns in Canada. Previously, search marketers seeking country-specific data or results...

Backlink Management for Enterprise SEO

Search analytics software provider SearchMetrics debuted Link Manager last week and it might just be the most powerful solution on the market for enterprises - of course, we'll leave that for you to decide. The Link Manager tool...


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