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Six Social Media Personas Driven by Trust and Control

How much do you know, I mean really know, about your brand’s social media fans, friends and followers? And how would your social media marketing strategy change if you had access to that information? Loyalty management vendor...

Cross Visit Analytics in Adobe's Digital Marketing Suite

Adobe has added a cross-visit analytics feature into its Discover product, an analytics and segmentation solution within the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite. The feature will enable marketers to see a visitors path within a Web property...

Personalization, Segmentation and ROI

It's not difficult to make a case for testing segmentation and personalization. You'd have to have be pretty thick-headed not to see the benefits. Most merchants however don't engage in the opportunity that is present....

Basic Behavioral Targeting (and Segmentation) - BTBuckets

Behavioral segmentation usually catches the attention of privacy advocates but in the end, consumers spend and interact more when that functionality is present. As such, some level of behavioral segmentation is almost required these...

Segmentations Features at Google Analytics

Google released seven new features for its analytics product yesterday, the most noteworthy of which perhaps the advanced segmentation . The advanced Segmentation feature allows users to isolate and identify subsets of traffic. Select...


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