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Compete's SEO/SEM Breakouts

I don't say this very often about a company, but has really impressed me with their latest announcement that paid versus natural search breakouts are available in their search analytics solution. The data shows the...

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Yahoo Offers Minimum Bids Webinar

If you have yet to master the recent Sponsored Search changes at Yahoo! (specifically those related to pricing changes), Yahoo will be presenting a free webinar for advertisers on Thursday May29th to help you out. The Webinar aims...

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Paid Search, Traffic Syndication and the Big Three

One of the main misconceptions those new to PPC advertising have is that where they place their budget is the source of the traffic. In reality, most paid search solutions utilize some syndication sources to increase the total number...

No More Fixed Bids at Yahoo!

Yahoo announced that stating today, minimum bids will no longer be fixed at $0.10. Advertisers will being noticed new minimum bids on some keywords - your minimum bids can be lower or higher than the $0.10 minimum. There have been...

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Demographic Bidding at Adwords Arrives

Adwords advertisers will now be able to enjoy the fruits of demographic bidding at Google - a feature that lets advertisers target ads to users of a particular age group, gender or a combination of the two. Demographic bidding can...

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No More Fixed $0.10 Bids at Yahoo

Minimum bids for a number of Sponsored Search keywords will no longer be fixed at $.10 for Yahoo Search Marketing advertisers. The new minimum bids can be lower or higher than $.10. Content Match minimum bids currently however will...

SE Ranking Problem - Slow Server

I received a note from a reader yesterday afternoon inquiring about why her site was not ranking. As you can imagine we receive many emails like this each day and periodically I like to look under the hood an see what's going on...

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Explaining Unexpected Traffic Surges

The Yahoo! Search Marketing blog has a thoughtful post for search marketers on three questions to ask when unexpected traffic surges occur . 1) Have you changed anything in your account recently? Adding keywords and changing bids can...

Google Testing Demographic AdWords Bidding

Google is ushering in a new era of targeted advertising for the masses, demographic bidding for AdWords users. With the new system, ads can be targeted to only reach certain age groups or specifically men or women, for example. Naturally...

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Adapt PPC Test Drive - Do It!

It's never too late to toss your hat in the ring and start a PPC advertising campaign. You will however need the right tools if you expect to become successful at the endeavor. The big decision most are forced to make is to manage...

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