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Mechanics of SEO as Art & Science

For those who have followed traditional search engine optimization best practice guidelines over the years, Search Engine Academy co-founder and Website Magazine contributor John Alexander shares several key insights about the mechanics...

Cross-Engine Keyword Richness Inquiry

The importance of keywords and phrases in domains, subdomain, folders, & page names What impact do keywords in the domain have on placement in search engines? How about if they are in the subdomain or only in the page name? What...

SEO for Questions and Answers

While you may struggle optimizing your site and its content for competitive rankings on search engines for popular keywords there remains a very good opportunity in optimizing for search query phrases that come in the "question"...

On-Page SEO and Alt Text: SERP Ranking Influencer?

The most important on-page ranking factors for placing competitively in search engine results pages (SERPs) include keyword use in the title tag, keywords in the domain (page names and folders too), keywords in the headline tags, within...

Creating Effective Press Releases for Power SEO

Press releases are an effective means to attract media attention, but it is also one of the most cost-effective munitions in the search engine optimization and marketing arsenal. With a solid grasp of the English language and some...


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