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How to Tidy Up Your Site for SEO

:: By Travis Bliffen, Stellar SEO :: It is easy to focus so strongly on the future that we forget the past. This applies in life and to our business websites. As you plan and prepare for all the great things you will do in 2017, don’t...

What's Your SEO Score?

There are many SEO audit tools on the market, but knowing which one to spend your time and money on can be difficult. Using one for free - without even entering contact information - can prove useful. Flaunt Digital has released a...

What's In An SEO Site Audit?

By David Meade, Writer Services There are a variety of reasons why a site owner needs to perform a full SEO audit of his or her website. First, algorithms are constantly updated through a series of iterations, and websites may not...

SEO Roundup: This Week's SEO News & Updates

:: By Travis Bliffen, Stellar SEO :: A recent study released in the Salesforce 2014 State of Marketing Report indicates that SEO is currently being used by 73 percent of the companies surveyed with an additional 17 percent stating...

On-Site SEO Audits

Search engine optimization isn’t what it used to be. Once the dominion of the marketing department and a few technical staffers, SEO now requires full participation from nearly every corner of the enterprise — from customer...


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