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Microsoft Cozies Up to Designers and Developers

Microsoft seems to be feeling the heat from other SMB providers. Recently they have launched BizSpark, a discount program for startups. Now they're hoping to entice the designer/developer crowd with WebSiteSpark. The program offers...

SEO Books For Everyone

The Website Magazine Editorial team has completed its November 2009 issue on E-mail marketing and that means one very important thing - the next issue ( on Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing ) has entered the planning...

Keyword Meta Tags and Google

How much does Google use the keyword meta tag? Not at all according to a post today on the Webmaster Central Blog . Does that comes as a surprise to you? For many it won't but it's always nice to have some verification and...

Open Source Web Project and Code Management Solutions You'd Pay For

The recession is over (almost). No longer will you have to scrap for budget leftovers to fulfill your marketing or development obligations. Consumers will start buying again, filling the corporate coffers, enabling you to roll out...

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Reputation Management and Monitoring for Everyone

Social media has turned traditional word-of-mouth on its head. Your customers can broadcast their thoughts of your company, products and their experience with you faster and easier than ever before – and reach a much larger group...

Facebook Peak Times for Business

By now we all know that Facebook is dominating the world. It won't be long until Facebook implants are installed at birth and Mark Zuckerberg demands a framed photo in every living room. Well, maybe that's a little extreme...

On-Page SEO and Alt Text: SERP Ranking Influencer?

The most important on-page ranking factors for placing competitively in search engine results pages (SERPs) include keyword use in the title tag, keywords in the domain (page names and folders too), keywords in the headline tags, within...

Bing Cashback: 6 Reasons to Get Started Now

Cashback started as a Microsoft Live Search offering in 2008. It gained some attention, but didn't really catch on with consumers like Microsoft (and retailers) had hoped. That attitude looks to be changing. Several weeks ago,...


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