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Employee Impact on the Deal-Hunting, Info-Gathering Consumer

When shopping online, the world is at a consumer's fingertips - they can research pricing, product info, peer insights and more to make the most informed decision whether that's at home on their couch or in-store. Where most...

Fight Showrooming with TouchStore

It is not uncommon for customers to leverage their mobile devices while shopping in-stores. In doing so, they are often comparing prices online, looking for reviews or conducting more research about the item they are considering purchasing...

Nice Knowing You Black Friday

Long lines, aggressive shoppers, limited inventory…gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, doesn’t it? Well, get it while it lasts. For the second consecutive year, SDL – a software and services company – looked...

Showrooming? Ya, That Happens

Unlike at the movies, consumers aren’t asked to turn off their cellphones before entering a retail store. Instead, they use their phones to enhance their shopping experiences. Retailers can’t ignore that 70 percent of U...

The Showroom Showdown

Showrooming, defined as using a brick-and-mortar store as a showroom to browse and then purchase from a competitor for a less expensive price, is now a mainstream shopping behavior, according to a new report from mobile marketing solutions...

Webrooming and Discounts the Focus of 2013 Holiday Shopping

Consider yourself warned - over the next few weeks, you will be inundated with statistics about the 2013 holiday shopping season. Occasionally, research of this nature can yield some powerful insights for Internet professionals; plus...

Battle “Showrooming” with Price Matching, Cross-Channel Integration

Brick and mortar retailers are increasingly the subject of "showrooming", the instance when consumers use their mobile phones inside the store to compare prices with other, competing retailers. A new research study from Edgell...


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