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Google Guidance on Sitelinks

Despite being a powerful driver of clicks on the search results pages, most advertisers don't take advantage of AdWords' Sitelinks offering. Based on data released by Google however, they most certainly should be. According...

Sitelinks Get Detailed in Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

Last week Google announced that it will now enable advertisers to “nominate” specific text for sitelink descriptions within their Adwords account, controlling the descriptions that display when the Enhanced Campaign Sitelinks...

Sitelink Extensions in Bing Ads

In its ongoing quest apparently to be just like its main rival Google, Microsoft this month released Sitelink Extensions in Bing Ads . Just like its Google counterpart, Sitelink Extension in Bing Ads offer advertising an opportunity...

Google’s Ad Sitelinks Enhanced

AdWords advertisers have had advertising sitelinks at their disposal for quite some time and, by all accounts, they seem to work pretty well. According to Google, in fact, the click-through rate is 30 percent higher for advertisements...

Google's Extended Sitelinks Exposed

Google’s new extended Sitelinks are sending Webmasters scrambling to find out how they too can secure more virtual real estate on the world’s most popular search engine – now estimated at well over 60-percent market...

Adwords Embedded Sitelinks

Several enhancements have been made to Google’s Sitelinks offering for Adwords advertisers since its launch in 2009 and the list of features for the ad format keeps getting longer - and better. Google introduce embedded sitelinks...

Google SiteLinks Variation

File this under interesting but not yet widely available. The Google Operating System blog picked up from milivella at Google Blogoscoped that Google has started to show some modified sitelinks for Wikipedia articles. Sitelinks, which...

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Google Reorganizes SERP Sitelinks: What You Need to Know

Google has been displaying site links - the linked words below a main search result that leads to internal pages of that website - for some time now. But there has been a restructuring. Now, instead of the stacked appearance of several...


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