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SEO Sitemaps Aren't an Indexing Guarantee

Experienced search engine optimization professionals know that just because you submit a sitemap to Google, doesn't necessarily mean that your site's pages will be indexed. That important bit of information has recently been...

Bing Sitemap Plugin Accommodates Webmasters

Last week was a big one for Bing. The Mircosoft-owned search engine announced a substantial update that consisted primarily of three major changes. Two of these refinements are distinctly user-centric, as they provide a new tile-based...

WM Radio: Crowd-sourced Couponing, Reader Questions Answered

Crowd-sourced couponing is hot. ushered in the era but there are alternatives with new business models. We speak with the Founder of about their new website. Also, we answer a user question about sitemaps...

Hostway Integrates Automatic Sitemap Tool

Web hosting provider Hostway will begin rolling out a feature which lets its 1.5 million customers develop sitemaps and submit them directly to major search engines. Through an integration with AutomaticSiteMaps , Hostway is enabling...

Google Sitemap FAQ Redux

Google Sitemap FAQ Redux...


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