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Distributing Audience Data to the DMPs

Data management platform (DMP) Lotame has been selected as Skimlinks' first DMP of record. A popular content monetization (affiliate) solution for publishers, Skimlinks will leverage Lotame's DMP to distribute the audience...

Share User Data to Gain Incremental Revenue & Audience Insight

Companies like Facebook and Google have an immense advantage over independent publishers thanks to their impressive scale and massive data stores. It is nearly impossible for small and mid-size publishers, however, to create their...

Skimlink Rethinks the Hyperlink

Content monetization platform Skimlinks has released a new version of its Skimlinks Editor product which enables publishers to create links that automatically update to reflect destination changes, reader geography, stock availability...

Performance Data From the Browser; Skimlinks Chrome Extension in Focus

Content monetization platform Skimlinks unveiled a new Web tool in late November 2013 that's quickly proving to be a valuable addition to the affiliate marketing toolbox. The Skimlinks Editor, a Chrome extension, enables affiliates...

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In-text Ad Links with Product & Price Comparisons

Content monetization provider Skimlinks has released a new version of its in-text advertising solution. What makes the offering unique is that it provides an automated in-text link solution that features real-time product and price...

New In-Text Advertising Platform from Atma Links

Atma Links has launched an an in-text linking technology that is focused in helping affiliates monetize online content. The service has been in beta since March 2010 but went live last week. What may seperate Atma from the dozens of...


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