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Nice Knowing You Black Friday

Long lines, aggressive shoppers, limited inventory…gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, doesn’t it? Well, get it while it lasts. For the second consecutive year, SDL – a software and services company – looked...

True Social Proof Arrives in Updated Spredfast Platform

If any department feels the pressure to prove their worth, it’s social media teams. Since social media is still a relatively new channel – when put head to head with more traditional acquisition and retention tools and...

The Social Media Impression Crisis

:: By Ana Raynes, Didit :: The social media industry is on the brink of a crisis because of widespread confusion over the definition of the industry term “impression.” Here’s the problem: nearly every social media...

Pinfluencer Launches Image Recognition Engine

Merchants that actively maintain a Pinterest profile have the potential to gain a lot of traffic from the visually driven social network. However, just like any other social network, merchants must monitor the analytics of the content...

Adapting to Social Media Analytics

As businesses – both small and large – adapt to the increasing demands of social media, the way these companies analyze its return on investment on these networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, must adapt too. Visible Technologies...


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